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The InnerTrac™ Emotional Response Indicator
And How It Can Help You!

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InnerTracThe revolutionary InnerTrac™ is a small, hand held device that measures subtle changes in the electrical resistance of the body that occur in the presence of stress. It is carefully designed to serve as a valuable guide in a remarkable number of healing modalities—from EFT, TFT and EMDR to traumatic incident reduction. It allows one to detect and pinpoint the presence of emotional "charge," verify the progress of its resolution (via any number of modalities) and even verify that it has indeed been resolved!

In short, the InnerTrac™ will measure the progressive release of negative emotions! This makes it invaluable for guiding you through the successive steps of any really effective therapy or personal consultation.

Furthermore, with skill, the InnerTrac™ can be used to assess a number of likely or possible issues, and ascertain the one with the most "charge" at the moment that is most accessible to be effectively handled!


How Does It Help?


It is well known that the greatest challenge in Energy Psychology work (EFT, TFT, TAT, BSFF, TIR, EMDR, etc.) is finding the correct item to run. The problem is that people who are in anguish very often don't know what in their life is actually causing it. Assessment of the various possibilities is typically done by guesswork (which is hit-or-miss), or by muscle testing, which takes significant skill on the part of the practitioner. The InnerTrac™ will indicate specific issues underlying the person's difficulties, either in normal conversation or by assessing a list of reasonable possibilities. Thus, much time is saved by having an objective method for indicating specifically what to address in the session—whatever modality is being used.

Additionally, the typical method for deciding whether a therapy technique is working, or if the treatment is complete, is to ask the client to assess the current level of distress on a scale of 1 to 10 (i.e., the SUDS method, or Subjective Units of Distress). The main problem with this is that it is subjective—and may only be valid in the moment. Sometimes a client will claim that an issue has "improved" just to be congenial—but outside of the energy of the session and the therapist's healing presence, the problem could still be unresolved. The InnerTrac™ will show much more objectively whether the issue is in fact still unresolved or not.

Client Upset
If a client is sufficiently upset about someone, or if the client has somehow become upset with the therapist, it is much harder to get any procedure to work. The InnerTrac™ can show if this has happened, and give the therapist a chance to resolve the upset before continuing, making speedy resolution of the issue much more likely.

InnerTrac tap

Going On Too Long
Furthermore, continuing to run a procedure beyond the point where the issue is resolved can ruin the joy of a well-done session. The InnerTrac™ will show not only that the session is complete, but also if the procedure has gone too far, allowing the therapist to restore the "freshness" of the newly attained release!


Plastic provides protection and convenience for your InnerTrac!

We are now offering an attractive and rugged hard plastic carrying case for the Inner Trac. It is designed to carry and protect the Inner Trac unit, along with its sensor, tilt-stand and wire.

The size is 13" x 8.5" x 3". The instrument is suspended in protective foam. The cost is $18.95 plus shipping. This case can be ordered on our website or by emailing sales@inner-trac.com or calling us at +1 (800) 799 3733 or +1 (415) 492 0728.


Price: $19.95


Why Do I Need It?

The InnerTrac™:

• Removes the mysteries behind why some people don't seem to improve.

• Gives an objective assessment of the situation.

• Helps to "read" people who don't easily show (or purposefully hide) their emotions.

• Significantly speeds up the time it takes to handle a particular issue.

• Will honestly tell when there is still some part of an issue that not yet resolved.

• If someone is becoming unhappy or angry, it will show this well before the person realizes it, so that you have ample time to deal with the anger issue before it gets out of hand.

• Sometimes an issue is fully handled before you actually realize it—continuing to try to "fix" it past that point can make the person feel bad, glum or sad. The InnerTrac™ can avoid this situation.

• People can learn to use the InnerTrac™ on themselves, so that they become more aware of what they're thinking and feeling.


How Is the InnerTrac™ Used?

Tap wristAmazingly, the InnerTrac™ is incredibly simple to use, unlike complex biofeedback equipment whose indicators can require weeks or even months of training.

There are six colored LEDs. Three of them work together showing degrees of discharge of negative emotion. Each of the other three lights up to show when an important event is happening.

1. The three BLUE LED "discharge" lights work together, lighting up when discharge of negative emotional energy is occurring. Small discharge = one light; medium discharge = two blue lights, large discharge = three blue lights. Simple.

When an issue that has been suppressed or repressed is approached in conversation (or read off of a list) one or more of the discharge lights will flash momentarily at mention of the subject, but will not remain lit. This indicates that the issue has been contacted. It is not resolved but it is accessible to work on.

2. The YELLOW LED shows when negative energy is increasing or accumulating. This is an indication of something that seems to hard to look at—accompanied by a building feeling of discomfort or fear. The person is not always conscious of what it is, or even that this is occurring. But if you're trying to understand the situation, you need to know it's happening.

3. The RED LED lights up when the person is angry. This is extremely important because if someone is angry, it is extremely unlikely that improvement will occur. Depending on your modality, there are various ways to quickly resolve an upset; but if you ignore it you are probably wasting valuable time.

4. Finally, there is a clear WHITE LED that lights up to indicate that a person has attained a state of release from the issue you've been working on with them. It signals that the problem has likely been resolved, and this is a good place to end off.

These four indicators are the most significant. There are just a few of other items you'll want to become familiar with, namely the baseline indicator LCD window, the small knob for increasing the sensitivity, and the red reset button. The significance and use of these things will be covered in subsequent text, or DVD or online video—but you already have enough information to make the InnerTrac™ extremely useful.

Price: $497.00


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Hand-held Remote Push-button Switch allows the practitioner to leave the unit on the table or desk, and re-set it when necessary without reaching across and distracting the client.

Price: $29.95