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Be more effective while reducing the time it takes to obtain beneficial results!







The new InnerTrac™ gives amateur and professional practitioners of EFT, TFT, EMDR and other "energy tapping" techniques an objective measure of the success of their sessions!

Furthermore, in the hands of a proficient practitioner, it allows for initial assessment of issues and difficulties in order to find out what to run, and for the use of assessment lists and other advanced techniques.

InnerTrac tapThe InnerTrac will multiply your effectiveness many times over, while remarkably reducing the amount of time it takes to obtain beneficial results.

Its remarkable sensitivity and speed of response makes it far more versatile than the popular "heart rate monitors," which show "coalescence" vs. "elevated stress levels," but respond far too slowly to do the accurate detailed assessments of personal issues possible with the InnerTrac.

It is easy to use on yourself, and allows far more certainty of the effectiveness of whatever technique you are using.

Best of all, the LED-based InnerTrac can be mastered in only a few hours, unlike other GSR devices that require weeks of training to recognize various needle behaviors.

..And the InnerTrac is small enough to take with you anywhere!

Price: $497
Plus shipping
(Remote footswitch is available)